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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

This past weekend we got together with my sister Jamie's family and took pictures for each other to use in Christmas cards.  Neither one of us are expert photographers, but I think we got a lot of great pictures. We went to a beautiful park in Grapevine and the kiddos loved running around exploring.  As usual, it was impossible for me to get a picture of both Tayden and Brooklyn looking at the camera.  We got a few good ones of them alone, but not together.  I am hoping that as they get older, group picture taking will get easier!!!

I do have to share that we have had to start dressing Brooklyn in onesies.  She is forever taking off her clothes and diaper and then creating a puddle, which she likes to dance in.  This has happened in her bed and the living room floor.

Brooklyn was completely in love with her dress

I love this picture!  It captures Brooklyn perfectly - always two steps ahead of us.

My precious baby boy!

Daddy's girl

Mommy's boy

She was running EVERYWHERE!!!!

Brooklyn and cousin Payton


sweet kisses

Tayden and Payton