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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and the Letter Aa

We had a WONDERFUL Easter!!! The kids were so excited about the Easter Bunny coming; that they talked about it all week – Brooklyn even woke up in the middle of the night one night talking about candy. On the big day, they ran out to see all of the goodies in their baskets. They had practiced hunting eggs at SueSue’s so when I told them we were going there for lunch, Tayden grabbed both baskets and was ready to go. Just as we got everyone’s Easter outfits on, it started pouring down rain – of course! We had to bring Tim’s truck in the garage and load up that way so that clothes and food stayed dry.

Brooklyn loved her dress, and was very eager to show it off to everyone. She was so cute prancing around – I need to put her in dresses more often - precious! Tayden wore his first pearl snap shirt and was adorable! When we got to SueSue’s we decided to do an indoor egg hunt, since it was still raining. Mallory hid the eggs and then the three toddlers came bounding out of the playroom, baskets in hand, when it was time. We had to demonstrate for them, and they got the idea, but weren’t really interested. Brooklyn would toss the eggs through the basket and they would land on the ground on the other side of her. Tayden would get about 10 in his basket, dump them out, and then say, “Again!” Needless to say, we ended up picking up most of the eggs. We were then treated to a delicious lunch, courtesy of SueSue – YUMMY!!

After a wonderful nap, we decorated eggs last night. The twins kept trying to eat the hardboiled eggs – which turned their mouths all different colors. They covered the eggs in Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, and Minny Mouse stickers. Tayden had more fun putting his eggs in the little cardboard stand, then he did decorating. He would take them all out and do it over and over again. It was so much fun to see them get so excited about a holiday and I can’t wait for all the years of Santa and Easter Bunny fun!

Within 48 hours Thursday – Saturday, both of our toilets overflowed, flooding both of our bathrooms, our closet, and a large part of our bedroom – YUCKY!!! We spent two nights sleeping on the couch so that our room could air out. Things are better, but still not back to normal.

I decided a few weeks ago that I would start working with the twins on one letter/sound each week. I started planning activities, and realized that each week would also need a theme. Yes, I am reverting back to my childhood days of playing school!!! I figured that a few structured activities each day would make the day go a little faster for Tim and will give me plenty of things to do with them this summer. We started last week with the letter Aa and the theme of Easter. We focused on the following A words: apple, ant, airplane, ambulance, alligator, and angel. With our plumbing issues, we got a little behind, but for the most part things went pretty well. The twins love to color (walls, the table, my laptop, etc.) and to display their work for the day.

Later this month, on Saturday, April 21st we will be walking in the March for Babies. This is a cause that has been near and dear to hearts the last two years and we have made this event a family tradition. If you would like to donate to the March of Dimes on behalf of our team you may visit this link:


A is for Apple

more new pjs

Tayden's new pjs

A is for ant

Mr. and Mrs. Easter

A is for ambulance

Tayden's basket

Brooklyn's basket

Easter morning - checking out their loot

Ready to go

Watching it rain and "funder"

Pretty girl

Tayden and Mimi


Lolly and Brooklyn

Hunting eggs

dumping them out

SueSue's menu with a little note informing everyone of her Words With Friends victory over Craig

Deviled eggs

Payton and Tayden


Brooklyn's curls

Playing dominoes

Brooklyn and Uncle Craig - he got her to wear her bow!

The kid table

Jojo and Payton
My sugar cookies

1st peep

pink peep - not a fan

decorating eggs

Tayden loved setting up his eggs

Trying to eat it


Jen said...

So adorable....Thanks for sharing! They are so cute!!