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Thursday, April 26, 2012

March of Dimes – Walk for Babies / Letter Cc

We officially survived our 2nd year at the Walk for Babies this past weekend!!! There was a different route this year and we only made one small shortcut. The Rowdy Russells had a great turnout – SueSue, Mimi, Jojo, Payton, Malley, Brooklyn, Tayden, Tim, and me. Lolly and Landon met us at the finish line in an awesome show of support. Lolly also shuttled one person from each car back to the parking lot so that we did not have to walk the additional 1.5 miles back to the cars!! We had a wonderful celebratory lunch at Boomer Jacks – delicious! Participating in the walk, we were once again reminded of all the precious babies that are born too soon or born with birth defects. It is amazing to see families walking with their miracle children and also read the memorials on their shirts honoring their sweet babies who have become angels. Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored our team!!! We reached our goal of $200!

On Sunday we had “picture day.” Taking family pictures with twin two year olds is quite a challenge, so we decided to knock it all out in one day. We started at JC Pennys and did family pictures in our Steelers gear (before they outgrown their jersey and cheerleading uniform) and then pictures of the twins in their birthday shirts. They had to barricade the door to keep Brooklyn from escaping. She would not sit still, which is a required for the studio camera. I was not expecting to have any that we liked, but we fell in love with a lot of them!!! From there, we traveled to Frisco to meet with my precious friend Ann Marie who photographed the twins when they came home from the hospital and their first Christmas. They took a good nap in the car and were ready to go when we arrived. We went to the downtown area that had numerous great backdrops, railroad tracks, and a train. We actually got to stand right by the tracks as a real train passed. The twins thought that was great! Ann Marie is a twin and is also pregnant with twins! As the twins were running in different directions she sweetly said, “This will be my life in two years!” I hope we didn’t scare her too bad!!! We will have the photo disks in a week or two and I will definitely post our favorites. On our way home we stopped for a reward dinner at IHOP. The twins did have some pretty crazy moments throughout the day, but overall they did a great job!

Last week we studied the letter Cc. Our words were caterpillar, crown, cow, clown, cloud, camping, and carrot . We made yummy chocolate chip cookies to celebrate our week of all things C.

Our team shirt

The start to the walk

Our team

Our inspiration

The Heaths

We ran into our NICU friends Will and Alex and were able to finally get a picture of both families.


The Russells

Malley and SueSue

The Heaths at the finish line

The Rowdy Russells - the sun was right in our face so you can't really see us - bummer!

She felt the need to dress up

eating her carrot