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Friday, July 13, 2012

4th of July and Backyard Fun

For the 4th of July we went to SueSue's house and cooked out burgers and brauts.  We also had chips, dips, beans, and desserts.  It was a yummy meal and the kids had a great time playing with the family.  We waited until almost it was almost dark to depart to find a good spot to watch the fireworks.  We ended up near our spot from last year close to downtown Fort Worth, near my school.  We stood in the Whataburger parking lot and could see 3 or 4 different shows at one time.  The kids were much more interested this year and loved seeing the different colors and sizes.  As we were loading up one of the employees from Whataburger approached our car.  He leaned in the door and asked me if I was Miss Lindsey.  Sure enough he was one of the students from my very favorite class.  He just graduated from Northside High School and has joined the military.  I remembered him very well due to the fact that he was obsessed with Sponge Bob.  He wore a Sponge Bob t-shirt every day!!!  He laughed when I reminded him of that fact.  It is always great to see former students and to see that they are doing well.  It is a great reminder of why I chose to be a teacher.

We bought a little pool a few months back and finally aired it up about two weeks ago.  The twins LOVE going out to swim. (Tayden refers to it as the beach).  Brooklyn will lay on her tummy and move her arms while saying, "I'm swimming."  Tayden prefers to stay outside of the pool and collect water in his cup to dump in various areas, such as mommy's lap.  The first day that we went outside Tim thought it would be hilarious to aim the hose at me.  I ended up drenched!  A few days later I took the kids out and Brooklyn had the same idea and was successful at getting me good!  They never want to come back inside, go figure, and spend most of the day asking when it will be time to go swimming.  Tim is planning to build in the backyard in the next few weeks and we would also like to get a swingset to keep the kids entertained.

Brooklyn is still her precious dramatic self.  Anytime someone walks in the room she will say, "Hi _____!  Whatcha doin?"  It is adorable!!!  She doesn't do her sleeping episodes much anymore, but has started a very interesting whine.  I cover my ears and tell her that she is hurting them and she stops pretty quickly.  She loves to hold hands now and say, "We are family."  She climbed up on the couch between Tim and I tonight and patted us both on the shoulders and simply said, "Family."  Tayden is on a kick where he will ask you all of your favorite things - color, shape, letter, number, dinner, instrument, etc.  Each day he seems to come up with a new topic to ask about.  He still loves to make music, read, and work puzzles.  They seem to change each day and I love being at home with them.  I only have six weeks left!!!  The summer is definitely flying by!

We made a trip to Abilene on Monday to visit my grandparents.  I will post about the trip tomorrow or Saturday!  Have a great weekend!

She ran outside and didn't even put her suit on

"I'm swimming!"

playing games on dada's Ipod

Firework cake the twins and I made for the 4th

Brooklyn is wearing pants, I promise.  She seems to have grown and they are now all daisy dukes.

The firework cake on the inside

Fruit pizza - a family tradition