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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Letters Kk and Ll and ECI Evaluation Results

We breezed through letters Kk and Ll a few weeks ago, but I didn't get many pictures.  We covered koala, kangaroo, kitten, key, and kite for the letter Kk.  Our theme that week was kites.  For the letter Ll we covered lion, lamb, and ladybug.  Our theme that week was the beach in preparation for our trip to Galveston (I'll be posting about this soon.) 

Last week both twins had their yearly ECI evaluation.  They did great and officially graduated from ECI!!!  They did not have a delay in any of the six categories.  I did get the official, full report of results and wanted to share them with you.  The scores are calculated in months/age equivalency.  It is important to note that they are currently 28 months of age - there is no adjustment any longer for their early arrival.  In order to qualify for ECI services, a child must be 2 months behind in one or more areas.  Tayden originally qualified two years ago due to his stiff neck issues and then we added Brooklyn after the first year when we were worried about her speech.  Now, they are at least two months ahead in every category!  The therapist and our coordinator were extremely impressed and said that they went further on the evaluation than they had ever gone before, because the kids kept producing correct responses.

                                                                                       Brooklyn                Tayden
Adaptive                                                                            30.5                       30.5
Personal-Social                                                                 36.7                       36.3
Communication                                                                  35.5                       35.0
Gross Motor                                                                      40.0                       37.0
Fine Motor                                                                         37.5                      34.5
Cognitive                                                                           33.3                      33.3

The evaluation took a little over two hours.  The twins did a great job staying focused for the most part.  At one point Brooklyn wanted to participate in the activity that they were doing with Tayden.  When I told her no and picked her up to come and sit with me, she exhibited a hilarious behavior that we have seen numerous times since - rather than throw a fit, she laid down on the ground right beside Meredith and pretended to be asleep.  She started snoring to add dramatic effect!  She now does this anytime she is told no or gets a spanking.  I can imagine her in school when she gets in trouble and falls asleep immediately.  Tayden will have to explain to everyone that it is her coping mechanism.  The other day she was riding the broom around the living room like a horse and she swung the broom and it hit me.  I told her no and she did it again so I spanked her.  She immediately froze, still clutching the broom and was instantly "asleep."  Tim laughed harder than I have heard him laugh in quite a long time.  It is hilarious!  I need to try and get it on video to share with everyone.  

It was very sad to say goodbye to our ECI friends. Ms. Meredith, our OT, had been with us since our first appointment two years ago. She was extremely helpful in giving us ideas on how to work with the twins here at home to help them thrive. Each time Tayden saw her walk in the door, he would say, "Meredith puzzles!!!" She would listen to our concerns and provide wonderful advice that got us to where we are today. What a wonderful organization and wonderful therapists - we are so thankful for all of your help!!!!



fish for beach week

Ll and the beach

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Meredith said...

So glad I got to be a little part of their lives. They were so fun to work with and I loved watching them grow and thrive!