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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese and the Letter Nn

We got back early Tuesday morning from a wonderful vacation to Crested Butte, Colorado.  I am still sorting through all of the pictures, but will be posting on that soon!

Before our vacation we took the twins to Chuck E. Cheese for the very first time.  They absolutely loved it!!!  I expected them both to be a bit nervous, but Brooklyn proved me wrong immediately.  She wanted to go on every "ride" and play every game.  Tayden however, wanted to stick very close to Mommy and watch Brooklyn as she took on each new adventure.  He finally warmed up and loved the dancing game, where he could pick which song to dance to, and the photo booth.  We finally got him on the virtual roller coaster ride with Brooklyn and he liked it enough to ride it a second time.

Chuck E. Cheese himself made an appearance while we were there.  He walked around the game area with a sign that said free tickets.  He then stopped by the ticket counter and everyone did a dance with him.  This dance had specific steps and you could tell that everyone knew the dance, except for us.  Brooklyn had followed him around and when I told her to go dance with Chuck E., I fully expected her to cling to my leg.  She charged right past all of the other kids and stood right next to Chuck E, and did the "Brooklyn" dance.  I am so sad that I did not get video of this because it was the cutest, most hilarious thing ever.  As everyone was moving to the left and then moving to the right, she was dancing around in circles.  After the dance she wanted to meet Chuck E. and was not afraid at all.  Tayden again, was more comfortable right next to mommy.  The kids cashed in their tickets for whistles, stickers, and some candy.  They had a blast and still talk about dancing and playing games.  I see many more visits in our future.

That same week we covered Nn. We talked about Noah and the arc, made noodle necklaces, and covered nine, nose, and nest. We tried to make a fruit loop rainbow on our Noah day, but it wasn't a success.

noodle necklace

Daddy helping

hilarious pose

boxes from Sam's that they used as chairs

dancing with Chuck E.

Tayden's favorite game

rollercoaster ride

Brooklyn had one little "sleeping" fit

Brooklyn on the Chuck E. Ride

Tayden's other favorite thing