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Sunday, February 28, 2010

10 Days Old and the Kangaroo Hold

Tim holding Brooklyn
Mom and Dad with their babies (scary hair mom)
1st family photo
Daddy and his baby girl
Tayden and Mommy
sweet boy
Tim's family - Trenton's 1st time meeting his niece and nephew

I could not have asked for a more perfect day.  Tim worked this morning and then came home to get me for a visit.  When we got there it was time for the twins to eat and the nurse told us that we could hold them through their feeding.  Tim got to hold Brooklyn and I got to hold Tayden in the kangaroo hold (skin to skin).  This type of hold helps with the bond between premies and their parents.  It is really interesting because when I hold him that way, my body temperature rises to provide him the heat that he needs.  We were able to sit together in the quiet of the NICU as a family of four for over an hour.  It was definitely the best moment so far in this journey.  The babies change a little every day.  I look back at photos of them from the day they were born and I am amazed at how much they have grown.  God has blessed us daily and we know that His hand is guiding our babies over each hurdle they face and successfully overcome.  He is also holding Tim and I in His hands.  It gets harder and harder to leave the hospital, but He gives us a sense of peace that everything will be okay.  We both believe that everything happens for a reason and we know the early arrival of Tayden and Brooklyn is part of His master plan.  This evening Tim's family treated us to a delicious dinner at Uncle Julio's and then came to visit the babies.  Trenton was able to meet his niece and nephew for the very first time - a very special time.  We greatly appreciate all of the phone calls, prayers, and well wishes you have been sending our way.  I apologize for not being prompt in returning phone calls.  I am still catching up on sleep - a losing battle, but please know that your support and encouragement means the world to us.