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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mom's 1st Dirty Diaper (to change that is)

Brooklyn - with her eyes open sucking her finger, even though you cannot see
Tayden breathing on his own
Tayden and his purple passy
Most mom's can vividly remember changing their child's first dirty diaper.  It is awkward and stinky, but soon becomes routine.  I had my first experience tonight and it was quite a task when you have your arms stuck through two port holes trying to get just the right angle all while lifting little bitty legs and keeping squirting objects covered at all times.  I was able to get the old diaper off and had the new diaper waiting underneath and then Tayden decided he wasn't finished making his deposit, so out came some more.  The nurse told us that wiping their bottom actually stimulates more poop.  Interesting!!!  As far as updates go, Tayden is off his nasal canula and is breathing completely on his own!!!  They were able to move the tube that feeds him from his mouth to his nose now that it is free of clutter.  Brooklyn is requiring less breathing reminders and was awake for much of our visit tonight.  They continue to up the amount they are getting at each feeding and they now both weigh 3.4 lbs, which is more than Brooklyn weighed at birth and a little less than Tayden did.  So, the good news is that they are back on the side of gaining weight.