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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home

Brooklyn - still on cpap
Tayden - only on nasal canula
Tayden - all snuggled up
It wasn't as easy as clicking my red sparkly shoes together three times, but we did finally make it home today.  The dr. came by bright and early and said that he would be putting me on oral antibiotics for a week so that I could continue to get well at home.  He is pretty sure that somewhere a long the way I got a uterine infection that just went crazy.  The nurse then came in and removed my staples - around 18 of them - SPECIAL!!!  It is still very hard for me to get around due to my "classical" incision.  I'm really still a little bummed at the thought of never wearing a bikini again, but I realize sacrifices must be made - ha ha!  We visited the NICU one final time before getting in the car.  The babies were snuggly in their isolettes and one of our favorite nurses - Stephanie was taking care of them.  She explained that Brooklyn had regressed a little and was needing more help remembering to breathe with the cpap.  Tayden on the other hand had progressed very well and is no longer on the cpap, but rather just the nasal canula (two little nose spikes) that just gives you extra oxygen to support your own breathing.  His mask was off and his eyes were actually open for a little while we stood there.  They lay in some of the funniest positions touching their faces or holding their bellies - very sweet.  We would have been able to hold them today, but due to my infection we have to wait until Thursday.  Tim has been so precious in waiting to hold his children on my account.  I know that he has never wanted anything more, but he is being extremely patient.  It was super hard to walk out of the door and come home like nothing had changed in our lives when so much has.  I truly felt like I was abandoning my babies, but I know that they are in the BEST place right now.  I immediately went to the nursery and felt the need to start getting everything ready and put away.  That helped a little.  The remainder of the day was spent resting due to a pretty bad headache.  My mom brought us over some excellent stew that my Aunt Sara had brought through town this weekend.  I have been pumping every three hours since Friday and finally today I started seeing some results.  I will be able to take what I get to the NICU and they will give it to the babies.  My goal is to have a huge supply there and an even bigger supply here for when they come home.  We have called a few times to check on the twins and they are doing well.  Tim is leaving extra early for work so that he can stop off and visit them first.  I will be going up every afternoon until I get my driving priviledges back and then I will try and go in the morning and early evenings.  


Lauri Lindsey Hargrove said...

Stay strong & get rest while you can----LOVE YOU~Lauri