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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bedrest at the Hospital

I went in this morning for a check-up because I had noticed a different output of fluid.  The doctor ran a test and quickly confirmed that I was leaking amniotic fluid meaning that one of the membranes had ruptured.  I was dialated to a 1, but not in labor.  He handed me orders admitting me to the hospital and directed me up stairs to the antepartum unit.  He was quick to point out that 75% of women admitted with a ruptured membrane deliver within one week.  The afternoon was a blur - signing consent forms, keeping everyone updated , and getting used to my new home.  I am on IV antibiotics and have received one round of stereoids to aid in fetal lung development.  A little after 5 the specialist we saw 10 days ago came and performed a sonogram.  Tayden looks wonderful.  He has plenty of fluid.  Brooklyn looked great as well, but you could tell that she has less fluid than her brother.  The doctors stated that they will try to keep the babies inside as long as none of us develop an infection.  The neonatologist stopped by to tell us what we could expect if the babies were to come soon.  It was overwhelming to hear about all of the scary factors they could face, but he seemed extremely well prepared to care for premature babies.  Tim went home to get me some clothes and reading material.  He hung out here until almost midnight keeping me company.  He has been such a source of encouragement and I am so lucky to have him in my corner.  Around 11 they noticed that I was starting to have some mild but frequent contractions.  Since then I have received three shots and a pill to get them to stop.  It seems to work for awhile and then they get started back up.  The nurse has been great and seems to think I will be okay until my doctor checks in within a few hours.  What a day!!!  I had no idea when I left the house this morning that I wouldn't be back for awhile, but I am definitely commited to doing whatever it takes to have healthy babies. 


sonya said...

they are so cute congradulations guys