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Thursday, February 25, 2010

31 Weeks Gestational Age

Brooklyn still on the cpap - Sleeping Beauty
Daddy changing Tayden's diaper
Tayden grabbing at the wires
Tayden starting to open his eyes
Hi there buddy!
Checking out his little isolette
looking at mommy and daddy
The wave

Tonight was truly an amazing night.  We got to the hospital around 8:15.  Both babies were sleeping, but it was time for Tayden to have a diaper change.  Tim gladly stepped in and before long he was wide awake just looking at us like - so you guys are my parents.  He stayed awake for our entire visit just checking everything out.  He continues to try and pull on the wires and they have to give him mini bean bags to keep his hands occupied.  The nurse said that he is really good at pulling out his nasal canula and putting it in his mouth.  The report today on both of them is good.  They have increased feedings for both of them and are giving them 18ml per feeding.  Tayden is ready to move up to a different kind of isolette that requires him to maintain his body temperature - something they feel he is ready to do.  Brooklyn is still on the cpap machine, but the nurse said she only needed to be reminded twice to breathe today.  We are going back tomorrow evening to feed and hold both babies.  It will be the perfect thing to celebrate their one week birthday.  I never imagined it would take so long to be able to hold them, but I know it will be well worth the wait. 


Janice Holland said...

Love the pics! Keep em comin!