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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hospital - Day 3 and 30 Weeks!!!!!

I am happy to report that I have reached 30 weeks and am still pregnant!  The prayers are definitely working and I feel such a sense of comfort.  I am getting used to my "temporary home," slowly but surely.  I was caught trying to get water for myself and was sent back to my bed, so I must now be on my best behavior.  I do sneak a peak out the window when I get up to go to the restroom.  It is strange being in the same room for three days without even seeing the hallway.  One of my doctor's partners came by this morning and stated that I can now take my antibiotics orally and that they would like me to wear leg cuffs to prevent blood clotting since I am not moving around a whole lot.  They have been an interesting - it is an adjustment, but kind of like little massagers in a way.  Tim's mom is spoiling me on a daily basis.  She arrived with a delicious lunch, wonderful dessert, reading materials, and helped me dry my hair.  The hospital food is not bad at all, but it sure doesn't come close to the goodies she brings.  I took a shower last night and when I came out my mom was sitting in my room.  I knew she was going to come but figured she would call first.  It was such a great surprise.  I hadn't seen her since all of this started because she has been staying with my sister Jamie who just had a baby last week.  She was able to sneak away to come and visit with me for a bit.  I had been maintaining my composure this entire time, but when she prayed for the babies, Tim, and I before leaving- I lost it.  How are mothers so good at bringing out the truest of emotions in us, the stuff we try to ignore because we want to be tough?  They came in to monitor the babies this afternoon and their heartrates are still looking great.  All of the nurses have spread the word about how difficult Brooklyn is to track and so they now save me for the last patient on their round.  I knew she was going to be quite the diva from her prior actions during sonograms, but I am even more convinced now with all that has happened.  We will have another sonogram tomorrow to measure the level of fluid in both sacs.  Hopefully it will have remained the same.  I am drinking at least 10 huge glasses of water daily (with wonderful Soniclike ice) so I am hoping the level has been maintained.  My wonderful sister Lauri is now helping watch our dogs so that Tim doesn't have to go straight home to let them out.  It works out nicely because the hospital is on his way home so he can stop off and watch some tv and eat dinner with me.  I seem to always have a list of things I need him to bring from home and he keeps reminding me that I am not moving in.  A woman came to look at our house this past weekend and she is extremely interested.  She is coming back this weekend for a second showing.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that she will put in an offer and that we can move by the end of March.  I hope everyone has a wonderful evening - I will definitely post after the sonogram tomorrow night!