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Friday, February 19, 2010

Life in the NICU

I was able to get up at around 3:15 this morning and attend the 4:00 touch time with Tim.  Tayden grabbed my finger and both of them were opening their eyes.  I still cannot believe that I have two babies that are here and doing well - God is so great!  After getting some sleep, the nurses woke me up to let me know that I am running a low grade fever.  In order for me to go back and see the babies again, it has to be under 100 for at least 24 hours.  They have checked it all day and it goes down only to go back up again.  So as of right now I can't see them tomorrow, which is really hard to handle.  Tim goes frequently and takes pictures for me, but I wish more than anything I could be in there.  The babies had many visitors today - SueSue, Branma, my Aunt Sara and Uncle Dean all the way from Houston, my sister Lauri, and a few of Tim's great friends from work.  The nurse practioner from the NICU came to visit us this afternoon and she gave us very detailed information on their progress.  Both babies are now off of the ventilator and breathing with very minimal assistance using the aid of a CPAP.  So far they are making great progress and are even both starting tube feedings.  We know this is a result of prayers being offered up by those who love us and we are so thankful and blessed.  I think that I will be discharged on Monday evening.  They are trying to keep me here as long as possible with the babies.  It will be extremely hard to leave them behind, but they are exactly where they need to be!