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Monday, April 5, 2010

Carseat Study Here We Come

They officially asked us to bring Brooklyn's carseat to the hospital tomorrow so they can do the carseat study.  My sweet grandparents purchased her a great carseat this weekend, so we are all set.  Thank you again Nana and Pawpaw!!  In this test they will put Brooklyn in the seat after she eats and let her sit there for an hour.  She will still be hooked up to all of the monitors so if her heartrate were to drop they would know.  This test will tell us how well she will tolerate being in the car since this is a new position for her.  We are thinking at this point that we will room-in with her on Wednesday or Thursday night.  This process involves Tim and I spending the night in a room across from the NICU.  We will have Brooklyn all on our own and she will be free of all wires and monitors.  We will administer all feedings and the NICU nurses will check on us from time to time.  We are really looking forward to this night of transition, and are glad that they offer us a night of support to help build our confidence.  Tayden is still taking part of his bottles.  He had another chest x-ray today and the results were the same as before.  They have started him on a diuretic for a one week trial period to see if it will help with his breathing.  Both babies had a CBC today and their levels were both at 32.  This shows that the transfusion was a great success!  They like to see the levels in the 30s and last week before the transfusion Brooklyn was at 21 and Tayden was at 24.  We officially decided on our pediatrician today.  Our new friends that we met in the NICU, that have triplets, referred us to Dr. Hunt.  We interviewed her this afternoon and were very impressed.  We think she will be a great fit for our family.  Please pray for Tayden and the new medicine he is on - that it will help him have the energy to start finishing his bottles.  Also, please pray for Tim and I as we prepare to bring Brooklyn home.  We are extremely nervous and excited and want to do everything just right.  We spent an hour this evening calculating how much formula we would need to make in advance to equal four bottles when you add in the rice cereal.  I didn't know that parenthood required algebra.  YIKES!!!!  We do want to thank you all for your comments, emails, texts, and phone calls of encouragement.  They definitely keep us going and remind us how lucky we are to have such a wonderful support system behind us.  We love you all!