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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Months and One Week Old - Great News!!!

Today we made the hour long trek to Plano to follow-up with the pediatric opthamologist that first examined the twins in the NICU about a month ago.  When babies are born premature they are at a greater risk of their retina not developing completely.  When the doctor first examined the babies, everything looked good, but he wanted to see them again.  We started getting the twins ready about an hour before we were supposed to leave.  We fed them, gave them their meds, changed their clothes, and packed the diaper bag with plently of diapers and formula to get us through the day (this is quite a task).  We got loaded in the car and then halfway to Plano I realized that we did not have the diaper bag!!!  We were hoping for a quick visit so that we could get home in time for the next feeding, but knew that if necessary we could stop at Wal-mart and get all of the supplies we would need.  When we finally arrived, the nurse came out and dialated the twins' eyes.  We then went back and waited for the doctor.  The nurse described what would happen during the exam.  They would place numbing drops in their eyes and then use a device to hold open their eyelids for the exam which was conducted with the round side of a sterile paperclip - yes I said paperclip.  They warned us that the babies would cry, not because of pain, but because of the bright light shining in their eyes and gave us the opportunity to step outside.  We decided to stay in the room and Tim even stood right by the table to watch the whole process up close.  I strongly believe that years ago this exam was used to torture the harshest of criminals.  It looked so painful and the babies did cry, but only for a little bit.  The doctor finished his exams and declared the prognosis as GREAT!  Their eyes have developed properly and were not impacted by their premature arrival.  Another answered prayer!!!!  We headed for home at 3:00 on a Friday in Dallas traffic - ugh.  The babies were worn out and slept all the way home, so we did not have to stop to pick up supplies.  We fed the babies and then Brooklyn decided it was time to poop.  I went in to change her and found poop all the way up her back to her neck.  It was all over her outfit, the changing table, her, and eventually me.  Tim came in and helped me clean up and we decided it was bath time.  Never a dull moment in our house.  We have adjusted to having two babies at home, but haven't quite adjusted to the lack of sleep.  Just when we finish a feeding it seems like it is time to feed them again.  As soon as we lay them down in their bassinets, one of them will reflux and spit-up, which wakes them up and upsets them.  Many of their naps take place in their swings to prevent reflux.  They will outgrow this eventually, but I hope it is sooner than later because I know it hurts them so badly.  We hope everyone has a great weekend!!!