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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Carseat Success

Brooklyn passed her carseat test with flying colors!!!  She fell right to sleep when Stephanie put her in it and later in the day when she got fussy Stephanie put her back in it and she calmed down.  We will be rooming in with her tomorrow night and bringing her home on Thursday.  Tayden is improving with his feedings and took more of his food by bottle today than ever before - he even finished another whole bottle!  His energy level seems to be improving and he is able to stay awake a little longer to eat.  I can't bear the thought of leaving him behind, but we will be visiting him every day and hopefully he will be coming home in a week or two.  Tim is taking off work for at least a week and we plan to get in a routine and get comfortable with one baby before we have two at home.  We have waited for this day for almost seven weeks and we are so excited about tomorrow night.  We finally get to be full time parents - bring on the late night feedings!!! 


Anonymous said...

SOOOOO exciting! Post pics if you're not tooo busy! Know you can't wait to hold that precious thing with "NO strings attached", so to speak. How wonderful that you can have her....with the nurses just around the corner. Maybe they'll let you two move up there for about a year!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Get some rest! Love you sara