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Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Survived Once Again

Precious baby girl
Sweet baby boy

Brooklyn after her bath
Tayden after his bath
Getting sleepy
Just a swinging!!!

Our first night with both babies went pretty well.  Tim and I alternated feedings so that we were able to get a little bit of sleep.  Both babies are eating about every three hours.  My mom came over this morning to help out so that we could get some sleep.  She also prepared a delicious roast and potatoes!!  We gave both babies a bath tonight, which was interesting to coordinate.  They were both fussy and hungry, but we made it.  Tayden has his first doctor's appointment tomorrow.  We are eager to see if he has gained any weight since being home. 


Katy said...

They are so stinkin cute!!! I think Tayden looks like you, Melissa, and Brooklyn like her dad. I'm so excited for you guys to all be under one roof for good! Yaaaaay!!! :)