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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Small Setback

Brooklyn smiling after a bottle - no more feeding tube!!!
Tayden relaxing with Daddy
Brooklyn's homecoming has been delayed 5-7 days due to her having 2 episodes today in which she held her breath and her heartrate dropped.  This had not happened in many many days.  Last night they stopped adding rice cereal to her formula which was helping with the reflux, so today when she refluxed she held her breath.  The first time this happened we were not there, but the second time we were and I happened to be holding her.  This was by far the scariest experience we have had yet.  I could see her hold her breath and then the alarm started to ding.  Luckily, Stephanie was standing right beside me and she quickly stepped in to help.  She used the bulb syringe to suction her mouth and nose and we patted her on the back until she finally took a breath.  If she continues to do this, they will put her back on the rice cereal.  The staff likes for babies to be episode-free for 5-7 days  before going home, so now we just wait patiently and hope she doesn't have any more problems.  We are disappointed, but don't want her to come home until we are sure she is ready.  On a positive note, she continues to bottle feed very well and they did take out her feeding tube tonight!  She also passed her hearing screening with flying colors.  Tayden has a lot to be proud of - he finished his first whole bottle last night and finished two more today.  He takes a little longer than Brooklyn, who gulps it down, but he does end up finishing.  They will more than likely increase the times he bottle feeds tomorrow or Monday.  He will have his hearing screening closer to his homecoming.  Please pray for Brooklyn's reflux to improve and for Tayden to continue feeding well on the bottle.  Happy Easter!!!


Anonymous said...

They sure are getting big! So sorry about your scare.. I know it terrified you. You are going to be such a great mother. You are going to be fine! You can do this. If anyone in the world can......it's YOU! They will soon outgrow these scary things....and will be coming home to be with you two. Do you have a rocking chair??? I need to know. Do you have one or two of them in the nursery?????love you! Sara