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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Double trouble
Tayden making himself comfortable
Two carseats - YIKES
Tayden ready to head home
SueSue and the twins
SueSue and Tayden
We are officially home as a family of four!!!  We picked Tayden up today and had the twins' pictures taken by the hospital photographer.  It was so fun to lay the babies side-by-side.  Tayden was uninterested, but Brooklyn wanted to grab his ear.  We drove home in the rain and my mom came over with some much needed groceries - thank you mom!!!  Tim cooked out hamburgers and we got everything from the hospital put away.  Tayden is now fast asleep and Brooklyn is snuggling with her daddy.  We were able to see Nurse Stephanie today and say our goodbyes.  Words fail me when I try and express my gratitude for the doctors and nurses at Baylor who took such good care of our babies for so very long.  We were absolutely impressed from start to finish.  I also want to thank everyone that has sent cards, emails, gifts, texts, and prayed for our family without ceasing.  We made it through the most difficult of situations because of you and your love and support for us. 


Janice Holland said...

So excited for you! I want to come see those babies once you get settled!! enjoy every minute. I am sending sleep your way:)