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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tayden's 1st Doctor's Visit

Tayden at the doctor
Tayden and Nurse Laura
Getting his shots - ugh!
Stop sign
Such a cutie
Pretty in pink
Tayden had his first doctor's visit yesterday and he weighed in at 7.6 lbs.  This was good because when he left the NICU he weighed 7.2 lbs.  We weighed Brooklyn with her clothes and diaper on and she was 7.2 lbs.  One week before she weighed 6.2 lbs. without clothes or a diaper, so she has almost gained a full pound in her full week at home!  Tayden is a great sleeper which has been a blessing.  We are able to feed him and put him down and he will sleep for a full three or four hours.  Brooklyn on the other hand has had tummy problems.  She will eat a lot and then spit-up and have terrible gas.  The doctor upped her Prevacid dosage and we have started giving her Mylicon drops.  Hopefully this will help her start getting some more sleep at night.  We layed them on the bed together last night and Brooklyn was fussy, but Tayden just looked at her like - Who are you and what is wrong with you??  It has been so nice to have them at home and have the time to get to know their personalities.