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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carseat Success Part II

Tayden passed his carseat test today!!!  He also had his circumcision this morning and did very well.  We went to visit him this evening and got to feed him a bottle and give him a sponge bath.  The steroids seem to be helping his breathing, but it still gets a bit rapid at times, especially while he eats.  It is very hard to watch him labor so much to breathe, but we keep reminding ourselves that it will get better with each passing day.  Brooklyn had another great day at home.  She is eating like a champ - up to 100 mL per feeding.  My sweet mother-in-law came over today to watch her so that I could take a much needed nap.  Thank you Branma!!!  I will post some new pictures tomorrow - this blogging thing is a lot harder with a baby at home, and will be even harder with two, but I promise to do my best to update often.  Please continue to lift our sweet babies up in prayer.