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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

36 Weeks Gestational Age - 3 Bottles Here We Come

Brooklyn has successfully completed two bottles a day for two days now so they have added one more bottle feeding a day.  I got to feed her this evening and she did spit up, but it wasn't a big amount.  Tayden took 35 mL again at his feeding today so they are going to move him to two bottle feedings per day.  He is still breathing on his own, so it looks like he has finally kicked his cannula once and for all!!!  We are so proud of the babies and the giant strides they have made these past few days.  We have to remind ourselves that they are not even technically supposed to be here yet and they have already accomplished so much.  Each day brings new blessings and answered prayers and proof that we serve a mighty God of miracles.  We can't wait to bring our two miracles home!