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Monday, March 22, 2010

Great News

The twins both had EKGs today and we already got the results.  Both twins still have small holes in their PFO valve.  The nurse practitioner assured us that this is not a problem at all and that the holes will most likely close as the twins get older.  Brooklyn's PDA valve (the one we were concerned about) is closed and Tayden's has a small opening.  Since it is not causing him any problems they are not going to do anything at this time.  It should close as he gets older, and if it ever becomes problematic they will treat it at that time.  Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!  I did not make it to school today due to a bad case of insomnia last night.  When my alarm went off this morning I was still awake.  I did get some sleep throughout the day and am about to head to bed now.


MoDLin said...

Good news is always welcome! This is what you love to hear - congrats! Your little ones will continue to grow and one of these days I look forward to reading that they have gone home with you. BTW, the pictures with Dad are sooooo nice.