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Monday, March 8, 2010

Brooklyn's Big Day

Brooklyn's first onesie and bow
Brooklyn smiling in her sleep
Holding daddy's finger
So precious
No more cpap - just my nasal canula
I love my giraffe hat!!!
Tayden looking right at the camera
Brooklyn had quite a big day.  She was able to move back to the nasal canula, so no more cpap!  Her nose is still a little irritated, but she is breathing much easier and able to rest well.  When we got to the hospital today we were surprised to look in her isolette and see her wearing her first onesie!!!  She looked so CUTE!!!  Stephanie then added a finishing touch to her outfit - her very first bow.  Tayden is still sporting a new onesie every day and today we put his giraffe hat on him.  It was so precious!!!  I never realized how much fun it would be to dress them up.  We got to hold both babies this evening - definitely our favorite time of the whole day.
*Some of you had been getting an email every time I updated the blog.  I figured that since I update every evening it probably gets annoying getting a reminder email every day, so I removed that option.


Anonymous said...

Adorable!! I vote to click back on the button, coz I got so worried when I didn't see a post from you this morning! Mailed you some more goodies today. Be on the lookout. your babies are adorable!!!! aunt sara