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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Day, New Room

This morning I had a follow-up doctor's appointment at the hospital.  He said that my incision looks good and I was cleared for driving short distances!!!  After the appointment we went up to visit the twins and as I was scrubbing in a nurse informed me that they had been moved to a new room.  Supposedly it is a good step meaning that they are stable enough to graduate to a new room.  Their new room only has four other babies - a set of triplets and a little boy.  Tim worked late tonight so we went up for their 8:00 p.m. feeding and I got to hold Tayden.  For some reason Brooklyn was a little cold and they didn't want her to be held.  They are both doing well on the canulas and having very few episodes.  Tim couldn't resist from ordering some blankets to drape on their isolettes.  They arrived today and he made sure they were in place before we left.  Tim crashed as soon as we got home.  He stayed up pretty late last night painting the nursery.  He has definitely been a trooper.  He cooks, cleans, works full time, and takes care of me.  This whole experience has shown me just how blessed I am.  I have an amazing husband!!!  The furniture has started to arrive and all of their bedding is here - pretty exciting!!!!   


Carol Johnston said...

Melissa and Tim ,

It is now time for Stuff ! How about a Timmy Fat Head for the wall ! God has is watching the Russell's

Anonymous said...

WOW wrong team since Tim doesn't have any since, I will make sure i get my nephew and niece bronco blankets asap....