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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Tim is officially delirious.  He was trying on the "My Breast Friend" nursing pillow for the nursing staff.
He has decided he would like one of his very own.

Blurry picture, but you can see Brooklyn smiling
Tayden yawning
No matter how many times we tuck his hand in his blanket, he gets it out
He was sucking his fingers.
Holding daddy's finger
Today we were able to spend a lot of time visiting the twins.  My mom and I went to eat lunch and then sat and gazed at the babies for awhile.  I wasn't going to hold Brooklyn until later in the evening, but she couldn't get situated so Stephanie suggested I hold her to get her to sleep.  It worked and after a short time she was fast asleep.  Tim came later in the afternoon and we sat around talking to Stephanie.  We left for a bit and ran some errands and ate a delicious dinner at Logans - thank you Nina and Juls!!!!  We returned in the evening and both got to hold Tayden, who as usual was wide awake and wanted to touch his face the entire time.  Brooklyn's nose seemed even better today.  She gets her last dose of steroid nose drops later tonight and then hopefully she can go back to the nasal canula by Monday.  When we got home tonight we had a package from Tim's aunt Lula full of onesies, pants, hats, and Brooklyn's first hair bows.  They are so tiny and I can't wait to put them on her!!!  It was a very relaxing day - just what we needed!!!!