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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our 1st St. Patrick's Day - 34 Weeks Gestational Age

The big news for today is that Tayden is once again off his canula.  We will keep our fingers crossed and the prayers coming that he can stay off of it for good.  Brooklyn took over 30 oz. by bottle today during her feeding and Tayden took 4 oz. - which is definitely a start.  We looked for St. Patrick's Day outfits for the babies, but we couldn't find any for preemies.  Oddly enough, the preemie clothes we have for the twins are fitting perfectly and the nurses have warned us that very soon they will be too small.  Then they will be ready for newborn clothes.  Please pray specifically for Tayden today - that he will be able to stay off his canula for good and will have peaceful breathing!


Tim said...

I would like to take the time and THANK my wonderful wife for all the hard work and time you put into this blog.

On a side note : I love you sooooo much

Patricia&Bricklin Williams said...

Yes.. Agreed you have an amazing wife tim.. to have be going though so much and still finding the time to keep everyone update on the twins progress is amazing.. you all are truly blessed and I pray that you can take them home SOON!!!