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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

Brooklyn without her canula
Brooklyn during her bath
Getting her hair washed
Brooklyn and daddy
Brooklyn's 1st attempt at bottle feeding
That's pretty good stuff
Getting the hang of it
Tayden during his bath
He really liked getting clean
Cleaning his big belly
Washing Tayden's hair
Tayden's 1st attempt at bottle feeding
Mommy and her babies
Mommy looking at Tayden
So handsome
Tayden's open air crib
Brooklyn in her open air crib
Brooklyn's open air crib
Tayden without his canula
Today was a BIG day for both babies.  Stephanie called this morning to let us know that during rounds they made a few changes.  They removed Brooklyn's nasal canula and she is breathing all on her own!!!  She also told us that the doctor said they were ready to start trying to bottle feed twice a day.  When we got to the hospital we got to watch Stephanie give both babies a bath.  They seemed to really like it and Tim and I both learned a lot.  It was really strange to see them without all of the wires and monitors.  After each baby's bath, Stephanie tried feeding them from the bottle.  Both of them would suck a bit and then forget that they were supposed to keep breathing.  Brooklyn took 10 mL and Tayden took 3 mL.  He was worn out from his bath and was ready to sleep.  We left the hospital for dinner with Tim's parents and when we got back, Brooklyn had been moved to an open air crib.  They told us that Tayden would be moved tonight for sure, but we had no idea that she would be as well.  The other surprise waiting for us was that Tayden didn't have his canula.  He kept pushing it out so the nurse was trying to see how he would do without it.  So far, he is doing pretty well.  Tim was able to hold him for awhile and then we called it a night.  Please keep the twins in your prayers, specifically that their breathing independently will continue to go well and that they will start to get the hang of bottle feeding.


Anonymous said...

Bath time! How precious!!! They looked like they really enjoyed it! You can do this, Melissa! They are such calm babies - and looks like they love being "messed with". SO glad they liked the bottle. Are you still pumping? sara

Carol said...

Melissa I've been following the babies growth on your blog. They are doing so well but I know the emotional rollarcoaster you have been on. You and Tim are in my prayers as well as the babies. They are really growing and beginning to get their own personalities.You will be a great Mom and it will all fall into place.