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Monday, March 15, 2010

I Just Can't Kick My Canula

Tayden made it through the night and most of today without his canula, but this afternoon the nurse put him back on it because his oxygen levels were lower than she wanted them to be.  His lungs just need a little more time to mature and that is okay.  Both babies were still in their open air cribs this evening, but were a little cold, so we made sure and covered them with blankets while we held them.  During the night, the nurse attempted the bottle again, and Brooklyn at 30mL.  Tayden showed no interest again.  They are starting to slowly take them off the donor breast milk we have been giving them.  I am able to provide some, but not enough for two babies at every meal, which has been very disappointing for me.  So now, instead of supplementing my contribution with donor milk, they will start adding in formula.  They also have been adding in extra calories, which we will continue to do even when they come home.  Their feeding times will be very sacred and we will have to carefully measure and record what they are eating at each feeding.