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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back on Track

Brooklyn and Daddy on Thursday
Sleeping well
Tayden and his chubby cheeks
Playing peek-a-boo
Friday - Another family photo
I apologize for not blogging last night.  We ate a big dinner and I fell sound asleep!  Yesterday was a much better day for Tayden.  They were able to give him a bath and he slept great the entire time I held him.  He was episode free all day which is great.  I am thinking that his big episode on Thursday was due to him choking during a reflux, and thankfully it did not become a habit.  Brooklyn showed us that she has a big set of lungs.  For most of the time that Tim held her she was wiggling and could not get comfortable.  Every once in awhile she would start crying and it was really loud for such a little person.  She finally got fixed and slept comfortably.  We are glad that the weekend is here because we will have more time to spend at the hospital.  We will be heading that way shortly.  Thank you so much for the prayers - they are working!!!!