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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Diapers, Diapers, and More Diapers

Tayden's pillow
Brooklyn's pillow
Debi's famous lemon cake - delicious!!!
Collage of pictures of the twins - Tim's baby picture and my baby picture are at the top
Diapers and Wipes
Tim was so fortunate to be given a "daddy shower" at work today.  He got a great supply of diapers, wipes, a collage of the twins, picture pillows, clothes, gift cards, money, bottles, hangers, bibs, and blankets.  His friend Debi made him one of her famous lemon cakes that he is always talking about.  Everything was decorated in pink and blue by his friends April, Dee, Tori, and Marissa.  Andrea and Tamera supplied the snacks.  Tonight he proudly showed me each gift.  It was a very special day for him and he was reminded just how blessed he is to work with such caring people.  We made a tower of all of the diapers and it seems impossible that we will ever need that many diapers, but I know I will be sadly mistaken.  I went to the NICU this afternoon and then met Tim up there this evening after he got off work.  We were able to hold the babies from around 8:45 - 10:00.  Tayden is still doing very well.  They had put one of his onesies, from his Aunt Sara, on him and it fit him much better than the sleep sack.  He was awake the entire time that Tim held him and he constantly moved his arms grabbing at his nasal canula.  Brooklyn is doing much better today.  The doctor said that her nose looks better and her breathing is much better as well.  They did start both babies on Prevacid to help their reflux.  We were afraid that since we moved to a new room we wouldn't have our favorite nurse, Stephanie, but today when I arrived she was their nurse.  We found out that you can request a nurse to be your primary nurse when they work, so Tim asked her if she would like to be our primary.  She had already requested this as well, so it was meant to be.  She truly cares about our babies, and is so good about explaining things so that we can understand.  As I looked at the babies today I realized that even though they were really early, they are still absolutely perfect in every way.  Tim and I received not just one miracle, but two.  God is so good!!!!!