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Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Five Pound Babies

Tayden - blurry because he was moving
Hand up as usual
Brooklyn with both hands up
Holding her own pacifier
The medicine they gave Tayden yesterday to help with fluid retention seems to have helped his lungs a little bit.  His breathing was less rapid today but still not as low as it should be.  He remains on his cannula and the flow is still a little higher than it was on Wednesday before they took him off.  Due to the medicine for fluid retention working, he did lose two ounces overnight.  Miss Brooklyn hit the 5 pound mark!!!!!!  She still seems so very small, but she is definitely fiesty.  She still has episodes where her oxygen levels drop and/or she holds her breath due to reflux.  She did take 25 mL during her bottle feed session today - which is a big success.  I tried feeding Tayden tonight and he would suck on the bottle until he realized something was coming out and then he would push it out of his mouth.  Tim did go and get Dr. Brown's bottles today, so hopefully this will help them with the feedings.  We are looking forward to the weekend and getting to spend extra time at the hospital.


Amy said...

Thanks for more pics! I can't wait to meet them in person!