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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Liking the New Pacifier???

Tayden wrapped his hand through the ribbon on his lovey doll and was holding it
so cute
Brooklyn getting kisses from daddy

The biggest news for today was that the twins moved back to the original room they started in.  There was only a few babies in the big room, so they moved all babies from the small room (where we were) back to the big room.  The twins are definitely in no hurry to bottle feed.  They both root around and go to town on their pacifier when we change their diapers, but by the time we give them the bottle they are not interested or too tired.  They have figured out that the bottle is not like their pacifier - something comes out of it, and they aren't sure what to make of it quite yet.  Tonight Tayden was breathing pretty fast and the nurses have pointed out that he has been doing that the last few days.  The nurse practitioner said that it could be due to his PDA having a small opening, but they still don't seem worried.  The nurse did take his cannula (yes, I have been spelling it wrong this whole time) off for his bath and for a little while after that, but ended up putting it back on because he was breathing so fast.  Please continue to pray for both babies as they bottle feed and also for Tayden so that he can get off the cannula.  Brooklyn weighs 4 lbs. 14.7 oz and Tayden weighs 5 pounds 9.9 oz.