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Monday, March 8, 2010

Shower and Double Snuggling

My mom and I
Brooklyn lounging in her isolette
Brooklyn looking at mommy
Pretty girl
Just looking around
Mommy and her babies
Definitely have my hands full
Tayden looking over at Brooklyn
Yesterday was a big day for Brooklyn and today was a big day for mommy!  I got to go up to my school for a wonderful shower and to see all of my co-workers.  I had definitely missed being around them every day and I also missed seeing the kids.  Several of the kids came up to me, gently hugged me, and then asked about the babies.  They were all very sensitive and sweet.  My dear friends had decorated the library just perfectly in pink, blue, and brown and there was a delicious cake.  We got cute clothes, comfy blankets, bouncy seats, gift cards, books, toys, and a basket of goodies - wipes, lotion, baby bath, and wash cloths.  It was definitely a special afternoon and I am extremely grateful for the kindness of my co-workers. 
After my shower I headed to the hospital to meet Tim.  The babies are doing great and both gained weight overnight.  Tayden now weights 4 lbs!!!  Brooklyn is not far behind him weighing in 3 lbs. 12 oz.  She is doing great on her canula and her nose gets better each day.  Our huge milestone for the day was that I got to hold both of my babies at the same time.  I was extremely nervous to hold two fragile babies rather than just one, but it was a wonderful feeling to have both of them together again for the first time in almost three weeks.  Brooklyn slept through the momentous time.  Tayden looked over at her a few times, but was more focused on pulling out his canula.  Holding the babies at the same time made it even more real that we have two children - two blessings that we would do anything in the world for.  How did we get this lucky?  


Anonymous said...

Ohhh Melissa U look sooo beautiful w/ur babies. Awwww......they R sooo lucky to hve u as there mother. Much Love 2U and 2Tim. Hugs & Kisses "XOXOXOXO" for Lil Brooklyn and Tayden.
Love, Noemi Marioni